Security Consultants

Innovators in Integrated Security Management


A holistic security approach.



Using a holistic perspective we take several key factors regarding the security of your business into account.  This results in the biggest possible improvement for both your overall security plan as well as your bottom line.


Security Audits

Identity key security optimisation points within your company and we walk you through an integrated approach to reach performance goals.



We provide professional one on one tailored services that are unique to your exact needs.  We carefully construct new security systems to suit your requirements.



After implementation, we help in the successful rollout of the new processes and provide in depth trainings and workshops to ensure a strong transition with the entire team.


Security Network Academy

Security Network Academy is a platform where equal minded individuals get together with the goal to share knowledge and experience regarding security. 


Our services


• Complete integrated security management

• Security audits andAEO – TAPA – ISPS audits

• Analysis: Structural, Legal, Electronic, Individuals, Biometrics, BMS, Access Control ...

• Procedures: elaborate and evaluate, security concepts, strategies…

• Guidance on implementation, concepts…

• Security training: Security awareness, prevention of aggression ... personalized for various sectors:

- Healthcare - Transport & Logistics - Retail - Housekeepers - Security Officers -

- Public services - city services

• Communication Training: Indirect communication, prevention and / or dealing with non & verbal aggression, multicultural communication ... personalized for various sectors

• Coaching of managers, senior security colleagues

• Organization of: mystery shopping, control, simulations, ...) periodically following the implemented procedures, concepts and strategies.





For providing all these services, Argus Team has been issued a license from the Ministry of the Interior with No. VIII / F / KV / O / 2010/391225.




-"the 'best in class' solution"


With the constant pressure to reduce costs and optimize effeciency without sacrificing the level of security at a site we have started an ambitious project with ARGUS Team.  The goal is reduce physical guards while at the same time raising the overall quality of security.

ARGUS Team did a thorough analysis of the current situation and exposed all the points that needed improving.  A visualization was made to map the different levels of security.  This made it easy to asses any necessary investments and find funding. 

 ARGUS Team keeps the pro’s and con’s in mind of any proposition and will refine things, ending up with a “Best in Class” solution.  ARGUS Team did the analysis, the specifications, aided in vendor selection and project followup.  In short: a great partner in this security project.





Draelants Geoffrey

Operations & Project Engineering Manager

Deufol België

Site: DDH Packing / Heist o/d Berg


-"New market opportunities"


I know Pierre Ketels for over 20 years, as a passionate and honest security manager.  What many don’t know about Pierre is that he is a very creative Business Development Manager.

He combines his professional experience with a high dose of enthusiasm.  Out of his core business, security management, he regularly develops new market opportunities.  Optimization is a recurring starting point for looking at existing business models.


Pierre and his team’s strategy raises security to it’s necessary level in these modern times from an independent and neutral position.


Kris Cloots

Country Manager

ISS Facility Services


Our Team


Pierre Ketels


Pierre is Co-Founder of several security consulting, training and coaching companies in Belgium.  He develops strategies for optimal security efficiency and has over 20 years of experience running global projects in the B2B area in the logistics & transport, industry and seveso companies, retail and banking institutions.  Pierre's experience includes working with global companies such as Total, Essers, Duracell, Bank van Breda, Toyota, Citrovita, Umicore and Nyrstar.


Ivo Drent

Ivo Drent has spent more than 20 years in the video surveillance industry working for UK and US based manufacturers such as Dedicated Micros, Pelco, IndigoVision and Arecont Vision. Mr. Drent led Pelco’s EMEA operations from their office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, managing a team of nearly 100 people who were located in various offices across Europe and the Middle East. For IndigoVision, he managed their EMEA sales, marketing and support operations. More recently, Mr. Drent has be at Arecont Vision where he was responsible for leading their European sales operations.

During his 2 decades in the video security industry, he has been in charge for various large projects in the public domain (city surveillance, traffic control), transport, logistics, casino’s, finance and government.


Frank Verberck

Frank Verberck is a seasoned manager and a certified coach.  For over 30 years he inspires all kinds of professionals to discover new perspectives, allowing them to maximize their learning abilities and talents: "helping people to become who they want to be."  He coaches directors and management teams towards sustainable growth and returns. He guides employees to become conscious, involved, and to take responsibility and self-initiative.

Managers too often underestimate the potential of employees, regardless of their function, to play an active role in optimizing the overall security performance of the organization. "From compulsion to inner urge" is the key to lasting success and maximum result.  An example in retail: an effective and customer-oriented mentality in the store promotes not only sales, it also reduces theft at the same time.




Independent, straightforward advice.



As an independent entity we are able to have a bird's eye view of the security of an organization or business.  This is key.  We map it all out and make an analysis from which we give grounded advice.  How can we improve what is already in place?  What needs to be added?  What challenges do we face as an organization or business?  If there are procedures in place, can they be optimized?  We also create awareness with the parties who will be left responsible for the system to guarantee that investments have the biggest possible return.

We do not sell anything ourselves, we only provide our expertise and advice.  We put the needs of our clients first and aide them into accomplishing the goals we set together.  We can also act as an independent party to review proposals from vendors and providers of security services.  It goes without saying that we can give sound legal advice in security matters as well.


Pierre Ketels

Security expert

& Courts expert